February 1, 2021/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats celebrate the start of Black History Month

Happy Black History Month, y’all!

Presidents and philanthropists. Senators and scientists. Organizers and orators. Artists and athletes. Entrepreneurs and entertainers. Community workers and champions of change.

Over the centuries, Black Americans have shaped our state, our country, and our party into what it is today. This month, Texas Democrats join all Americans in reflecting upon and celebrating the contributions of Black Americans. Together, we remember the struggles of those who came before, honor their resilience, and uplift the ways this community continues to make history today.

Through the unspeakable crime of slavery, through the stinging injustices of Jim Crow, Black Americans have endured — and have always pushed forward towards the dream of a new, more just America. Their vision has led the way towards a better future — from giants like Dr. Martin Luther King, Barbara Jordan, and John Lewis, to the millions more who have fought for change in their own communities, one day at a time.

That fight continues today. Last year, we grieved the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Javier Ambler, and too many others robbed of their lives by police brutality. We took our cry for justice to the streets — and to the polls. Thanks to the millions who organized and came out to vote, we elected Kamala Harris as the first-ever Black woman to serve as our vice president. And when Vice President Harris was finally sworn in last month, it was moving beyond words to see her send that glass ceiling crashing to the floor.

Black Lives Matter. Black history is American history. We continue to forge a path to that better America, and Black voices, hearts and strength are leading the way. We’ve come incredibly far, and we still have so far to go — from ending police brutality, to making voting rights a reality, to toppling the barriers that remain a boot on the neck of Black communities. Right now, it’s up to all of us to carry forward this fight for justice, and do the work in our own lives and among our own families to be the change we need.

We will get there. Because we will not stop until we do. Let’s celebrate the contributions of Black Americans, and not just this month, but every single day, let’s fight to bring life to the promise of a better America — one where liberty and justice is truly the reality for all.