December 26, 2020/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats’ Highlights of 2020

What a year, y’all! As much as we all just wanted to fast-forward through this year, 2020 brought us some real gems in between the difficult moments. Our powerhouse Democratic mobilizing, the Movement for Black Lives, neighbors everywhere helping neighbors — this year, we showed up for each other and fought for the future we know is possible. So before 2020 officially comes to a close, join us for a look at some of the highlights of the last twelve months.

1. The Texas Dems at the heart of this movement: YOU!

Our state and our party would be nowhere without the AMAZING volunteers and donors who powered our movement all year long. So our very first highlight is YOU! We made 24 million calls to Texas voters, sent 38 million texts, raised over $6 million, and moved the dial towards a blue Texas. The credit for that rests on your shoulders. Thank you for making our 2020 brighter, and laying the groundwork for an incredible movement in 2021.

2. 11.2 million Texans voted in the 2020 election

Our next highlight has to be our record-obliterating voter turnout in Texas. With more than 66% of registered voters casting their ballot, Texans came out to vote in the highest numbers in 30 years! Y’all ready to keep up the momentum in 2022? We sure are!

3. The incredible work of the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for racial justice

Not only in Texas, but around the country, this year we saw millions of Americans show up in the Movement for Black Lives. The murder of George Floyd — and far too many Black Americans who have been victims of police brutality — shook so many of us to the core. It galvanized a massive movement for racial justice that will not be stopped. Thank you to the countless activists and organizers who are carrying this country forward, and leading the fight to end systemic racism once and for all.

4. Harris County’s leadership for democracy

Texas Democrats in Harris County made history in Houston by opening seven 24hr voting locations and expanding voting locations in Harris Co. to more than 350 voting centers. Thank you Lina Hidalgo, Chris Hollins, and so many more amazing Harris County Democrats!

5. Not quite a highlight, but a thank you: Endless appreciation to our frontline workers

Going through the COVID-19 pandemic has been profoundly tough and painful for far too many. The folks who have held it all together and helped us make it through deserve our endless gratitude. Thank you to the countless frontline workers who have cared for our communities and worked tirelessly to keep us safe throughout these difficult months. We are all so deeply grateful to our frontline heroes.

6. Kamala Harris’s historic, barrier-smashing victory

More than a highlight of 2020, this year we witnessed a high point in our entire history as a country. We elected the first Black and South Asian woman in U.S. history as our next Vice-President! Kamala, thank you for your clear-eyed, justice-minded leadership, and for fighting the good fight and winning. We can’t wait to see you take office and to stand with you every step of the way!

7. Just three weeks to go until Inauguration Day!

Y’all, in barely three weeks, we will swear in President-elect Joe Biden. We worked so astoundingly hard to elect a president who will lead with decency, humanity, and compassion, and folks, we did it. With Joe Biden’s leadership, we are so looking forward to uniting as a country and moving forward. Together.

8. Turning the page forward

Are you ready for 2021? This year has shown us beyond a doubt that love conquers hate, hope conquers fear, and when we stand together, we move forward. To everyone who helped a neighbor, supported a friend, and carried our communities through the dark moments: thank you. And not just this last year, but the entire past decade has paved the way for a blue Texas, and Texas Democrats are energized and mobilizing like never before to turn Texas blue. Here we go y’all!


From all of us here at the Texas Democratic Party, we wish you and your loved ones a new year full of joy, health, peace, and light. See you out there!