September 2, 2020/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats Kick Off Historic Texas Voter Registration Week

With the voter registration deadline coming up on October 5, we’re just weeks away from casting our ballots in the biggest election of our lifetimes. That’s why we need to get every single eligible voter registered to vote — because we need every single vote to defeat Donald Trump.

This week is Texas Voter Registration Week and Texas Democrats are hosting a week of action to get as many voters registered as we can — launching the biggest voter registration push in our party’s history. In the next five days, we’re going to contact 1 million voters in every corner of our state.

With, we’re making it easier for folks to start the voter registration process online. We’ve sent out 250,000 voter registration applications. In the last few weeks, we’ve contacted over 3.5 million voters, and now, we need folks to complete the voter registration process and turn out on Election Day.

We’ve set some ambitious goals, but we’re going to meet them because everything is on the line. Texas is the biggest battleground state. When we register Texans, Democrats win. Trump Republicans know we’re going to vote them out, which is why they’re actively working to limit ballot box access — and that’s why we’re fighting back harder than ever before.

When we turn Texas blue, we will block the Republican path to the White House for a generation and save the country from four more years of catastrophe.

We need your help to get Texans registered to vote. Join our voter registration week of action by signing up to contact Texans across the state. The support we receive from people like you powers our work and our victories. By bringing as many voters on board as possible, we will make sure that Texas sends Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.

Your vote matters. If you’re not registered yet, or you need to update your voter registration, go to We will mail you a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope and a pre-filled form with all your voter registration information — all you have to do is mail it in. The voter registration deadline is coming up fast. Don’t wait. Every single vote counts.