June 21, 2019/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Abbott, Patrick, and Bonnen Manufacturing Yet Another Border Crisis

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Deploying 1000 new troops to the border is reckless, unnecessary, and further serves to harm our relationships with our strategic allies in Central America and Mexico. Trump, Abbott, Patrick, and Texas Republicans  continue to demonize our border communities with their actions and rhetoric while pushing forth policies that will upend our border families’ entire way of life. Deploying new troops to the border solves nothing.

“Let’s remember the real tragedy at the border. Children are getting separated from their parents. Children are getting locked in cages. Children are dying in the hands of government custody. Instead of searching for a border policy that makes room for compassion and understanding, Texas Republicans have opted to double down on cruelty.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform, and we need to engage Central American countries and provide solutions that root out violence and extreme poverty that cause refugees to seek out Texas.

“When Republicans in Congress had the chance to work with Democrats and pass comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform in 2013, it was John Cornyn who put “poison pills” in the bill to stop it.

“Texas Democrats will not stand for the fear-mongering and lies. It’s time that Texas Republicans to go visit our border and see the actual challenges facing our communities, rather than using them as political props to further their extremist, militant agenda.”