June 16, 2021/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Abbott Signing Permitless Carry Bill Into Law

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement in response to Gov. Greg Abbott signing permitless carry into law today, which will take effect Sept. 1:

“Today, Governor Abbott has proven that he places greater value on the right to kill than the right to life. He has chosen to listen to extremist, far-right politicians and lobbyists over the voices of his own citizens, who have been gunned down in mass shootings across too many of our Texas cities and towns.

“No one with any credibility believes that allowing more untrained people to wield guns will make any of us safer. Law enforcement strongly opposed this bill. Texans strongly opposed this bill. Abbott is willing to risk Texans’ lives in order to win his primary election. Texas deserves better.”