February 4, 2021/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Todd Hunter Being Named the Chair of the House Redistricting Committee

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, Rep. Todd Hunter was named the chair of the House Redistricting Committee despite Federal judges finding that “specifically Rep. Hunter” drew 2011 racially gerrymandered Nueces County districts to “undermine Latino voting strength.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The choice of Rep. Hunter as Chair of the House Redistricting Committee is everything wrong with our current Republican leadership and sends a clear signal that Republicans will attempt to draw maps that silence the voices of Black and Brown voters. Representative Hunter is a terrible choice for this chairmanship. Last redistricting cycle, he maneuvered the system to undermine Latino voting power.

“Make no mistake, Todd Hunter has no business leading this process. He is a despicable choice and signals exactly where Republicans plan to go when the map drawing begins.”