October 12, 2017/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Trump’s Sabotage of Health Care by Executive Order

Austin, TX — After a Republican-controlled Congress failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would sabotage health insurance markets across the country.

“The order may free these association health plans from several key Obamacare regulations and from state oversight, allowing them to sell plans with lower premiums but skimpier benefits across state lines. That could siphon off younger and healthier customers from Obamacare and send premiums skyrocketing for sicker people left in the exchanges.” [CNN, October 12, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal K. Perkins issued the following statement:

“Trump is selling junk insurance policies and sabotaging healthcare. Under Trump’s scheme young, healthy people will get meaningless stripped-down coverage for their hard-earned dollars, while premiums skyrocket for those most-at-risk Americans left in the exchanges. It’s economically inept and cruel.

“Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right. A trip to the doctor shouldn’t drain your bank account, and a pre-existing condition should never stop you from getting the care you need. It’s time for Republicans to stop sabotaging healthcare and work with us to build on the  progress of the Affordable Care Act for all Americans.”