September 10, 2020/Blog, Media

Texas First Pledge: Republicans Must Be Held Accountable for Their Failure to Lead

Today, as failed Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is set to host a press conference attempting to distract away from his failed coronavirus response, the Texas Democratic Party is calling on Governor Abbott, John Cornyn, and Republicans across Texas to sign the Texas First Pledge. 

More than 195,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, including nearly 14,000 Texans. Another 6.5 million Americans have contracted COVID-19. Right now, it is estimated that 18 million Americans are unemployed, including 3.4 million Texans who have filed for unemployment since March. 

Texans are fed up with bootlicker politicians and demand leaders who dare to defend our Texas values. It is time that our leaders show Texans that they have their backs.

See the pledge below.

Texas First Pledge 

I sign this Texans First Pledge to put an end to the political bullshit and put Texans first:  

  • I’ll defend the millions of Texans with pre-existing conditions and condemn the lawsuit that would rip health care away during a pandemic.
  • I’ll defend our public health by following the recommendations of medical experts and scientists when it comes to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • I’ll defend regular Texans’ ability to recover from the pandemic by focusing relief on small businesses and supporting expanded unemployment relief.   
  • I’ll defend Texas children’s right to a safe, quality education. 
  • I’ll defend the brave Americans who served in our armed forces by condemning anyone who calls them “suckers” and “losers”.
  • I’ll defend the safety and security of our communities by condemning those who spread racism, violence, and fear. 

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