December 18, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Republicans Distract from COVID-19 Pandemic to Continue Assault on Women’s Rights

AUSTIN, Texas–For the upcoming 87th session of the Texas State Legislature, the Republican Party of Texas announced that their number one priority will be to end access to abortion in Texas.

The Republican Party of Texas has decided that their efforts in this next legislative session will go towards politicizing women’s reproductive rights instead of dealing with the fact that Texas ranks number one in the country for the number of COVID-19 infections with over 1.5 million cases and over 25,000 Texans dead due to COVID-19. In fact, Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West slandered Planned Parenthood saying they work with “satanists.”

Republicans would rather politicize the private health care matters between a woman and her doctor than dealing with the staggering daily deaths across the state, the high unemployment number due to people not being able to work, children and college students not being able to return to school, and a Texas economy that is ravaging small business owners.


Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“The Texas Republican Party has gone off the dead end. Yet again, we see that Republican leadership will do whatever it takes to distract Texans from devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, rather than providing any semblance of a comprehensive plan to keep Texans healthy, safe, and able to put food on the table. No one will be distracted here, because no one forgets the loved ones we have lost and the jobs and livelihoods that are under threat because of Republican inaction. We have seen these attacks on women’s healthcare before, and you can damn sure bet that Texans will hold elected officials who play political games during this unprecedented legislative session accountable.

“Let’s be clear, Planned Parenthood works against all odds to provide critical healthcare access for Texans, especially Texas women. While Republican-led Texas state government turns its back on people, Planned Parenthood has been providing cancer screenings, birth control services, abortion services, and other critical medical services in areas where they might not otherwise be available. The heated political rhetoric to score cheap political points with right wing activists, needs to stop. For years, we’ve seen too much violence against Planned Parenthood and the Texans they serve.

“The Texas Democratic Party calls on the Texas Legislature to come together and make a real plan on jobs, healthcare, and the future of our state. The games need to stop. Texans need leadership that understands the challenges they face every single day.”