October 9, 2017/Media, Press

Trump Administration Releases a White Supremacist Wish List on Immigration

Austin, TX — On Sunday, with no press briefing and oddly citing his own Cabinet’s support, Donald Trump released a list of 70 immigration priorities. [New York Times, October 8, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Last night, the Trump Administration released a sickening immigration wish list that makes Nazis, white supremacists, and KKK members that supported him proud.

“Trump is using the lives of 800,000 DREAMers as a bargaining chip in their vile plan to slash legal immigration, tear apart families, and burn millions of taxpayer dollars on an ineffective border wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for?).

“None of this is surprising. From the beginning, Donald Trump ripped pages from the Texas Republican playbook, appeasing a fringe political base by feeding them a steady diet of anti-immigrant, un-American rhetoric.

“Lives are at stake here. The solution couldn’t be more clear, we need to pass a clean DREAM Act, and never turn away from the values and traditions that speak to the best of who we are as a nation.”