October 6, 2021/Media, Press

Unfair Texas House Redistricting Map Hastily Passed by Republican-led Texas House Redistricting Committee

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, the Republicans’ state House redistricting map passed out of the Texas House Redistricting Committee on a party line vote of 8 to 6. After 5 short days and despite repeated objections by the Democratic committee members of the Texas House redistricting committee, the Republican-dominated committee rushed through hearings and hastily pushed out a map that clearly does not accurately or fairly represent people living within these communities.

“Given Texas’ well documented history of drawing intentionally discriminatory redistricting plans, it is more important than ever for leadership to treat this process with consideration and respect. Instead, Texas Republicans are doubling down and seem hell-bent on repeating the mistakes of the past,” said Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texans of color, specifically Latinos, accounted for an overwhelming majority of our state’s population growth in the last decade. What we are seeing in this GOP-led redistricting map, does not accurately or fairly represent people living in these communities. These maps are intentionally drawn to drown out minorities and take away their right to choose representatives who will best represent them. Republican lawmakers do not care about bettering the lives of our citizens or listening to their constituents, they only care about keeping control and power.

“Texas Democrats will continue to stand up for democracy and fair representation. We will not allow for this blatant drawing-out of minority communities in an effort to suppress and silence the voices of the state’s fastest growing population-a population that accounted for 95% of the state’s growth.

“People of color are a powerful force, a force that terrifies the Texas Republican party-they know that united we can and will vote out Gov. Abbott along with the rest of the Republican leadership working to disenfranchise our already underrepresented communities. We will overcome their forcible suppression and their abusive use of power, together we will rebuild a democracy in our state that creates equity and a better future for all Texans.”