November 8, 2021/Media, Press

With 365 Days To The 2022 Elections, Here’s What’s At Stake In Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Monday, Texans are starting the countdown to the November 2022 elections — and with Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval ratings still in the gutter, Democrats are seizing the opportunity to mobilize Texans and oust Texas’ increasingly corrupt Republican leadership one year from now.

Texas Republicans have spent 2021 showing us exactly what’s at stake in next year’s elections. In 2022, Texas voters will have stark choices up and down the ballot — between Democrats who are fighting every day for working people, and Republicans who are hellbent on making life harder for working families. If 2021 is any indicator, a re-elected Abbott and Texas Republicans would almost certainly:

  • Put kids and families in danger — whether it’s forcing schools to adopt reckless health policies or slashing basic gun safety laws.
  • Refuse to fix our failing power grid — selling out Texans in order to help wealthy big energy donors get richer.
  • Make it even harder to vote so Republicans can cling to power against the will of the people.
  • Continue their attacks on health care — from blocking a million Texans from getting affordable health insurance, to trampling on Texans’ right to abortion access.
  • Take money away from taxpayers to fund Trump’s pet project — instead of investing in Texans.

Texas Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that doesn’t happen. Democrats are heavily recruiting strong candidates to run up and down the ballot, working to register up to two million new Texas Democratic voters, organizing in all 254 counties, and getting one message out to Texans: if you want leaders who will fight for you, choose Democrats next November.

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement:

“Today, we’re starting the countdown to the 2022 elections. And for the next 365 days, Texas Democrats will be fighting with everything we’ve got to save our state from Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans — because our state cannot afford another four years of Abbott’s failed, corrupt leadership. We’re organizing in every county in the state, working to register up to two million new Texas Democratic voters, recruiting great candidates to run for office, and doing everything in our power to turn the tides in our state.

“During his time as Governor, Greg Abbott has shown Texans exactly who he is — and quite simply, he doesn’t make the cut. Abbott did nothing to protect Texans from the pandemic, he did nothing to keep us safe during the winter storm, and for the last year, he’s poured taxpayer money into passing dangerous, extremist laws — throwing Texans under the bus in order to make right wing primary voters happy. That’s not leadership.

“Texans deserve leaders who will fight for them — just like we’ve seen in the past week with Democrats delivering at the national level. The only way to make that happen is by organizing Texans to elect more Democrats across Texas. That’s why Texas Democrats are fighting tooth and nail, and we won’t let up until we defeat Abbott and get Texans the strong leadership they deserve.”