March 20, 2019/Press

ICYMI: Disliked and Unknown, John Cornyn Sinks in the Polls

Austin, TX — As Washington Insider John Cornyn continues to ramp up his unhinged and negative attacks, multiple polls indicate a resounding majority of voters don’t like him or don’t know the three-term senator.

Check out these recent polls:

Quinnipiac Poll, February 28, 2019

University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, March 5, 2019

UT Tyler Poll, March 2019

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“When John Cornyn decided to back Trump’s plot to steal Texan’s land for a wall no one wants, we saw exactly how the senior senator has become the least liked politician in recent Texas history. Even with Texans in the crosshairs, Cornyn will always back Washington and do Trump’s bidding.

“More than two-thirds of Texans either don’t like him or don’t know him. It’s an extremely embarrassing fact for an elected official who has been in office for three decades.

“John Cornyn is incredibly vulnerable. Here’s a tip for Cornyn, show Texans some respect. Instead of spreading lies and distorting records, just stop cowering to Trump.”