July 6, 2017/Press

ICYMI: Texas Puts Voter Information in Jeopardy

Austin, TX —  In case you missed it, Dallas Morning News reported that the Texas Secretary of State’s Office will release the following information about voters in the 2016 presidential election to Trump’s election commission: full names, dates of birth, voter histories since 2006, and voting statuses. [Dallas Morning News, July 5, 2017]

Important Highlights:

  • “The secretary of state’s list did not quell concerns about how the information will be used. …It will be publicly available once the state hands it over to the commission, which could lead to people sidestepping Texas law to gain access to voter information for commercial gains.”

  • “Trump formed the election commission after claiming millions of people voted illegally in last year’s election. The claim, as well as his insistence that he lost the popular vote because of this alleged voter fraud, has been repeatedly debunked.”

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Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Since when did Texas Republicans start bowing down to the whims of the federal government? Gov. Abbott is releasing the sensitive information of voters in jeopardy for one simple reason: voter suppression.

“Let’s be clear, Trump appointee Kris Kobach has a clear record of lying about voter fraud to keep African-American and Latino voters away from the polls.

“Texas is now complicit and putting the sensitive information of voters at risk. There are no assurances from the Trump administration on how they plan to use and guard voter information. Voting is our fundamental right as Americans, and Democrats will never stop guarding every Texan’s right to have their voice heard at the ballot box.”