July 6, 2017/Press

Ted Cruz Had a Rough Week in Texas

Austin, TX —  This week in Texas, wherever Senator Ted Cruz showed up, he was met with concerned citizens who disagree with the Republican efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

[WFAA-TV, July 6, 2017]

From McKinney to the Rio Grande Valley, Ted Cruz “got an earful” as he made his way across the state during the current congressional recess.

Important Highlights:

  • “Cruz, who has a knack for confrontation with his political opponents in Washington and far outside it, had to speak over the demonstrators for most of his speech at an Independence Day ceremony, twice pausing to address the commotion.” [Texas Tribune, July 4, 2017]

  • At an event Wednesday night, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was met by about 150 protesters who oppose the Senate’s efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. On a hot evening, they stood outside a hotel in McKinney, a north Dallas suburb, shouting ‘shame on Ted’ and ‘save Medicaid.’” [NPR, July 6, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“We have one question for Ted Cruz: Are you ready to look Texans in the eye and explain why you plan to rip healthcare away from 22 million Americans?

“No American should ever have to choose between paying for health care or putting food on their table. We pray Ted Cruz learns that his reckless actions are putting Texas families in peril. Lives are stake and all because Ted Cruz wants to fulfill a political talking point about repealing ObamaCare.”