March 31, 2022/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on Transgender Day of Visibility:

“Today, and everyday, Texas Democrats celebrate transgender Texans and the contributions they continue to make to help our state grow stronger. 

“Last year, President Biden recognized Transgender Day of Visibility for the first time in our history to honor the countless contributions trans and nonbinary Americans in areas such as arts and entertainment, journalism, politics, and STEM. This was a long overdue recognition of trans people and the struggles they have faced in their fight for equality. And today, the President took his solidarity a step further by announcing a series of rigorous steps that will positively impact trans people and families.

“While we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility this year, it is important to call out the ongoing efforts by our state’s elected officials to attack trans Texans and their rights. From limiting their access to gender affirming health care to threatening their parents with criminal prosecution, Texas Republicans like Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton have chosen the path of cruelty by targeting our state’s trans youth. No child in our state should have to live in fear of being excluded, having their identity denied, or being reprimanded for being who they are. 

“Texas Republicans have spent the last few months attacking the trangender community. Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton have gone out of their way to try to use the legal system as a way of terrorizing young transgender youth and their families. 

“Texas Democrats will keep fighting along with trans activists in our state in order to help protect our state’s trans community. As I said last year, and will say again every year: we will win, because hate cannot win out against what is right. 

“Trans Texans, on this day, and every day, we see you. We celebrate you. We love you. The fight goes on.”