July 14, 2017/Press

Texas Democrats on Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Special Announcement”

Austin, TX — Today, Greg Abbott is set to announce his re-election campaign before launching the cruelest special session in Texas history.  

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s lousy first term has proved to us one thing: he is the weakest governor in Texas history. His destructive agenda has put our families in peril.

“Under Abbott’s watch we’ve seen: an economy fall from 3rd to 21st, a broken school finance system, the start of state-sponsored deportation force, and even foster children dying in state custody. Abbott has failed Texans at every turn.

“Texans and our families are strong. We endure and we will not let fear-mongering Republicans and nonsense hold us back. After 2016, Texas is a single-digit state and more Democrats are fired up than ever before. The Texas Republican establishment is crumbling. 

“While Abbott fights all the wrong battles, Texas Democrats are focused on real solutions for all Texans. We will keep fighting to win in 2018 and beyond.”