September 4, 2017/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Labor Day

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“This Labor Day, we’re proud to celebrate Texas workers. We know that jobs are more than a paycheck, they’re how hardworking Texans take care of their families and communities every day.

“As we begin rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, our brothers and sisters in labor work tirelessly to help friends, families, and neighbors get back on their feet. The Texas AFL-CIO was quick to set up a fund for Texas workers that have been affected by the storm. You can help by donating here.

“The Texas Democratic Party offices right out of the Texas AFL-CIO Headquarters in Austin. We live in the house of labor, and we’re honored to share a space with the people who represent Texas workers. The efforts of labor unions have made the lives of all Americans better. Minimum wage, overtime pay, workers compensation these are all advancements brought to you by the labor movement.

“As we gear up for the 2018 elections, we’re proud to stand with labor unions so that every Texan has a fair shot to get ahead.”