December 15, 2021/Media, Press

The Texas Democratic Party Congratulates the Statewide Democratic Candidates Who Have Filed to Run in the 2022 Primary

AUSTIN, Texas  — The Texas Democratic Party congratulates all the strong Democratic candidates who have filed to run for state office.  From Governor to the State Board of Education, a record-breaking number of qualified and diverse candidates, including the 26 candidates for State Board of Education. All of these Democratic candidates are running to represent the state of Texas and will ensure that Democrats win up and down the ballot in the critical 2022 election.

See below for the Democratic candidates running for Statewide office:

2022 Democratic candidates for Governor:

• Inocencio (Inno) Barrientez

• Michael Cooper

• Joy Diaz

• R. Star Locke

• Beto O’Rourke

• Rich Wakeland

2022 Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor:

• Michelle Beckley

• Carla Brailey

• Mike Collier

2022 Democratic candidates for Attorney General:

• Mike Fields

• Rochelle Garza

• Joe Jaworski

• Lee Merritt

• S. T-Bone Raynor

2022 Democratic candidates for Comptroller:

• Janet Dudding

• Tim Mahoney

• Angel Luis Vega

2022 Democratic candidates for Land Commissioner:

• Jay Kleberg

• Michael Lange

• Sandragrace Martinez

• Jinny Suh

2022 Democratic candidates for Agriculture Commissioner:

• Susan Hays

• Ed Ireson

2022 Democratic candidates for Railroad Commissioner Place 2:

• Luke Warford

See below for the Democratic candidates running for the State Board of Education:

Laura Marquez (District 1)

Melissa N. Ortega (District 1)

Omar Yanar (District 1)

Pete Garcia (District 2)

Thomas Garcia (District 2)

Victor Perez (District 2)

Wayne Raasch (District 2)

Michael Vargas (District 2)

Marisa Perez-Diaz (District 3)

Theldon Branch (District 4)

Staci Childs (District 4)

Coretta Mallet-Fontenot (District 4)

Marvin Johnson (District 4)

Larry McKinzie (District 4)

Rebecca Bell-Metereau (District 5)

Kevin Guico (District 5)

Juan Juarez (District 5)

Michelle Palmer (District 6)

Daniel Hochman (District 7)

“DC” Caldwell I (District 11)

Luis Miguel Sifuentes (District 11)

James Whitfield (District 11)

Alex Cornwallis (District 12)

Roberto Velasco (District 12)

Aicha Davis (District 13)

Tracy Fisher (District 14)

To access updated candidate filing information, please refer to the Texas Secretary of State’s website here 

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement:

“Texas Democrats are poised to win the upcoming midterm election because we have strong, diverse and bold leaders stepping up in key races across our state. Our Democratic candidates are running to shape the future of Texas, and we applaud them for their leadership and strength after Texas Republicans’ relentless attacks on our communities.

“This year, Texas Republicans placed barriers on voting rights, set bans on our bodies, books in schools and on our children’s safety during a deadly pandemic. Extremist legislators passed permitless carry, tried to erase accurate history and attacked trans kids — all while offering no solutions for the catastrophic power-grid failure and handing us the bill for it. Texans have had enough of failed leadership and our new slate of candidates are ready to fight every day to win back the soul of our state. ”