July 6, 2017/Press

Trump DOJ to Voter ID Court: Nothing to See Here

Austin, TX —  According to the Houston Chronicle, “The DOJ, under the direction of the Trump administration, wrote in a court filing that the Texas Legislature’s adoption of Senate Bill 5 this year satisfactorily refined the state’s voter ID and satisfies the the department.”


  • “Texas’ voter ID law has been under constant legal challenge for year amid allegations lawmakers intentionally discriminated against Latino and African American voters.”

  • SB5 still does not allow for the use of a student ID or Tribal ID.

  • Although SB 5 would allow citizens without a photo ID to vote, it would create criminal penalties for those who falsely claim they need to choose from the expanded list of options.

  • Voters who lie on the declaration can be prosecuted for a state jail felony, with a maximum of two years in jail.

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Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Republicans have proved time and again that they cannot be trusted to protect every Texan’s right to vote. Texans are not safe until election actions are monitored under the Voting Rights Act and Republicans stop rigging elections to stay in power.

“The very existence of Senate Bill 5 was an acknowledgement of the immoral discrimination tactics of Texas Republicans, but the stain of discrimination is not easily washed away. Our work is not over.”