October 22, 2020/Media, War Room

As Texans Vote in Record Numbers, Cornyn Rushes Vote to Confirm Anti-Health Care Judge

Austin, Texas — Nearly 6 million Texans have already cast their ballots in the 2020 election– more than any other state in the country – but John Cornyn continues his crusade to rush through the confirmation of an anti-health care nominee to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. By doing so, Cornyn and his political allies have disenfranchised the voices of the American people and put key health care protections for millions of Texans at risk.

Cornyn’s rush to confirm this Supreme Court nominee is just his latest effort to strip health care from millions after failing to do so in the Senate three years ago. Cornyn’s nominee attacked the Supreme Court’s decision that upheld the Affordable Care Act and allowed millions to maintain affordable access to health care, calling it “illegitimate.” And just this morning, Cornyn used this confirmation process as an opportunity to attack the ACA:

In 2016, Cornyn was adamant that the will of the voters be respected, writing, “I believe the American people deserve to have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice, and the best way to ensure that happens is to have the Senate consider a nomination made by the next President.” However, Cornyn has quickly abandoned that ideal and has gladly made a hypocrite of himself to further his crusade to strip health care from Texans, saying there’s “no good reason” not to push for the confirmation before election day.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“Today is a reminder of John Cornyn’s contempt for Texans’ access to health care. In 2016 Cornyn was clear; voters’ voices deserved to be heard when it comes to something as important as filling a Supreme Court seat close to an election. But now, seeing an opportunity to continue his crusade to strip health care access from millions of Texans with preexisting conditions, Cornyn has gladly made a hypocrite of himself and continues to rush this nominee even as millions of Texans have flocked to the polls.”