October 1, 2020/Media, War Room

BREAKING: Cornyn Claims Importance of Protecting Preexisting Conditions is “Overstated”

Austin, Texas — Earlier today, John Cornyn continued his decade-long crusade to undermine health care protections for millions of Texans, tweeting that the problem of preexisting conditions is “overstated.”

Cornyn’s tweet comes as Texas families continue to face the public health crisis of COVID-19. Now, as Cornyn rushes through an anti-health care lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, Cornyn is doubling down on his abysmal health care record and jeopardizing health care for the nearly 5 million Texans whose preexisting conditions made them uninsurable prior to the ACA – and thousands more who now have long-term preexisting conditions after contracting COVID. 


Senator Cornyn’s long record of undermining protections for Texans with preexisting conditions speaks for itself:



  • Cornyn refuses to let Texans have their voices heard and is instead jamming through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, supporting a nominee who attacked the Supreme Court’s decision that upheld the ACA and allowed millions to maintain affordable access to health care, calling it “illegitimate.”

    • By rushing the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, Cornyn is working to put an opponent of the ACA on the bench right as the Court prepares to hear the Affordable Care Act case on November 10.


  • Recently, Cornyn has dodged questions on his support for indicted Texas AG Ken Paxton’s lawsuit to dismantle the ACA by saying things like, “I support having the courts make the decision.”

    • While he dodges questions now, Cornyn voted for and played a “critical role” in negotiating the 2017 DC tax scam that paved the way for the lawsuit.

    • Cornyn has voiced support for similar lawsuits in the past, saying in 2012 that he was “disappointed” that the Supreme Court had upheld the ACA.

    • Cornyn signaled that he supported his allies’ lawsuit challenging the ACA as unconstitutional, saying he just wants “the Constitution enforced […] That’s been the problem all along.”



Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala issued the following statement:

“Cornyn’s comments are dangerous and terrifying for the millions of Texans with preexisting conditions who rely on the Affordable Care Act for access to affordable, quality health care. ACA repeal’s ‘Top Salesman’ has been trying for over a decade to strip health care access from millions. After failing to do so in the Senate, Cornyn is now trying to rush an anti-health care justice onto the Supreme Court in time to hear arguments on the future of the ACA and its preexisting condition protections. Texans deserve a senator who fights like hell to protect their health care, and they know damn well that person isn’t John Cornyn.”