October 21, 2020/Media, War Room

BREAKING: Cornyn Plays Political Games, Casts Show Vote for Deeply Insufficient “Skinny” COVID Relief Bill

Austin, Texas — Texans are continuing to struggle under the public health and economic ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis. As airline workers get laid off, small businesses shut down, and out-of-work Texans worry about how they’re going to put food on the table, Senator John Cornyn is in Washington taking a show vote for an insufficient bill with no chance of becoming law. Today’s vote does nothing more than attempt to provide political cover for vulnerable incumbents like Cornyn.

Here are the facts on Cornyn’s Failed “Skinny” COVID Relief Bill:

  • By Cornyn’s own admission, this bill is only “half a loaf” and doesn’t contain key provisions that would actually help Texans:
  • Cornyn’s DC boss, Mitch McConnell, warned against negotiating real COVID relief, fearing it would slow down the Senate’s rushed confirmation of an anti-health care justice to the Supreme Court.

  • The bill included Cornyn’s liability shield for his corporate donors, which was described as a “poison pill” that helped “blow up” relief talks over the summer.

Meanwhile, Cornyn is currently running a false attack ad here in Texas that takes credit for COVID relief passed in March, even as Texas’ unemployment rate moves in the wrong direction and has exceeded the national rate.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“Texans are hurting right now. Because of the failures of DC politicians like John Cornyn, thousands of Texans are without work, without health insurance, and are in need of help paying their bills and feeding their families. Cornyn’s show vote today is an insult to the thousands of Texans who need real, substantial relief. Simply put, Texans need real leadership. But Cornyn continues to play political games with Texans’ lives.”