October 7, 2020/Media, War Room

ICYMI: No Wonder Cornyn Refuses to Release The Tape – Cornyn’s Lies in Statesman Ed Board Interview

Austin, Texas — Last week, vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn showed just how scared he is of combat veteran and working mom MJ Hegar. Just check out the demands Cornyn made prior to being interviewed by the Austin American-Statesman editorial board:

It’s no wonder Cornyn was so scared to release the tape of his interview — it was chock-full of lies. Here are five of the biggest lies Cornyn told:


Cornyn Lie #1:

I’m more than happy to anytime, anyplace, (to) rejoin the discussions and vote on a bill and hopefully provide additional [coronavirus] relief.”

Reality Check:

Less than one week after Cornyn said this, President Trump and Mitch McConnell announced that they are giving up on additional coronavirus relief talks. Cornyn has done nothing to suggest he disagrees with his DC political bosses’ directive to abandon the millions of Texans in need of additional relief.


Cornyn Lie #2:

“I don’t think it’s accurate to say that I’ve downplayed the threat [of COVID-19].”

Reality Check:

  • This past Saturday Cornyn quote-tweeted an article from a right-wing group questioning the effectiveness of wearing a mask.
  • Cornyn tweeted a picture of a Corona beer, saying “don’t panic,” while on a long weekend away from the Senate.
  • Cornyn tweeted that COVID-19 would be “a piece of cake.”
  • Cornyn defied public health experts and pushed for Texas to reopen prematurely.
  • In an attempt to defend forcing schools to reopen, Cornyn falsely claimed, “We still don’t know whether children can get [coronavirus] and transmit it to others” and that “no one under the age of 20 has died of the coronavirus.”
  • Cornyn called the coronavirus a “so-called pandemic,” saying “most of us” if infected would “get flu-like symptoms, and you’ll get over it in a relatively short period of time.”


Cornyn Lie #3:

“I voted and currently support a bill called the Protect Act that would protect pre-existing conditions.”

Reality Check:

According to independent fact-checkers, the Protect Act “does not offer the same level of protection for preexisting conditions as the ACA, and [experts] warn that millions of Americans could lose their health coverage if the ACA falls and the Protect Act is the only replacement.”

Just last week Cornyn tweeted, “The left… overstates the problem of pre-existing conditions to justify political control of health care.”

Cornyn has voted over 20 times to gut or dismantle the Affordable Care Act and its protections for people with preexisting conditions, and last week voted in favor of his allies’ lawsuit seeking to dismantle preexisting condition protections in the Supreme Court.


Cornyn Lie #4:

I finally decided about a year ago that I no longer was comfortable holding these young people [DACA Recipients] hostage to a larger deal.

Reality Check:

Here’s what Frank Sharry, the Executive Director of the immigrant rights advocacy group America’s Voice, had to say about Cornyn’s record on DACA:

“I know John Cornyn. When he first came to DC he invited me to dinner to discuss the need to pass bipartisan immigration reform. I thought he was serious. He wasn’t and isn’t. Cornyn’s ad claim that he ‘strongly supports the legalization of Dreamers’ is a bald-faced lie… When you look up the phrase ‘two-faced politician,’ you’ll find a photo of John Cornyn.”


Cornyn Lie #5:

“I support the Violence Against Women Act…  it’s now become a political tool and, before the election, where people want to try to embarrass the other side for political benefit.”

Reality Check:

The Violence Against Women Act is not a political tool, and Cornyn has been voting against it — and with the NRA — since long before this election:

  • 2012: Cornyn Voted Against Reauthorizing The Violence Against Women Act, Which Expanded The Law’s Protections For LGBT, Native, And Immigrant Victims Of Domestic Violence. [Senate Vote 87, 4/26/12; All Congressional Actions With Amendments, S.1925; Congressional Documents And Publications, 4/23/12; Congressional Actions, S.1925]

  • 2013: Cornyn Voted Against The Reauthorization Of The Violence Against Women Act That Included Protections For Immigrants, LGBT Populations And Native Americans. [Senate Vote 19, 2/12/13; Politico, 3/7/13; The Washington Post, 3/7/13; Public Law 113-004, 3/7/13; Congressional Actions, S. 47]
  • Cornyn Opposed The House-Passed 2019 Reauthorization Of The Violence Against Women Act, Citing Its Provision To Close The “Boyfriend Loophole.” [KXAN, 1/15/20]
    • A Bipartisan Coalition Of House Members, Including Six Texas Republicans, Voted 263-158 To Reauthorize The Violence Against Women Act In April 2019. [CNN, 4/4/19; GovTrack, H.R. 1585]
    • Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo Criticized Cornyn For Not Taking Up The House-Passed Violence Against Women Act Due To The Inclusion Of An NRA-Opposed Red Flag Law In The Measure. [CNN, 12/10/19]
    • HEADLINE: “The NRA Comes Out Against The Violence Against Women Act” [HuffPost, 3/27/19]