August 13, 2020/Media, War Room

ICYMI: Out-Of-Work Texans Organize Food Drive to Protest John Cornyn’s Failed Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

For Months, Cornyn Has Called Vital Expanded Unemployment Insurance a “Mistake” & Now Texans Have Been Left Without Assistance 

Houston, TX — Yesterday, to protest Senator Cornyn’s continued opposition to vital expanded unemployment insurance and failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas labor groups organized a food drive outside of Cornyn’s office to distribute food to out-of-work Texans.

With millions of Texans out of work due to the pandemic, many have come to depend on expanded unemployment relief to keep food on their table and pay their bills. Sadly, Senator Cornyn, who for months called this program a “mistake,” allowed this lifeline to expire on July 25.  

It did not have to get to this point. Senator Cornyn kicked the can down the road and outright admitted he felt no “urgency” to pass additional COVID relief measures well before they expired, and now has left DC after failing to secure this sorely-needed relief. 

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala issued the following statement:

“Out-of-work Texans are being forced to depend on food drives and the good will of their neighbors because Senator Cornyn has failed them. Cornyn should be fighting for out-of-work Texans struggling in this crisis instead of always doing the bidding of his DC special interests and corporate PAC donors, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen.”

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Unemployed Houstonians, HEROES Act supporters demonstrate and distribute food outside Sen. Cornyn’s office


“Dozens gathered outside Cornyn’s Rice Military neighborhood office Tuesday. Groups from UNITED HERE, a hospitality workers union that represents about 300,000 airport, restaurant, hotel and casino employees in the U.S. and Canada organized with the Houston Federation of Teachers as well as the Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation to advocate for unemployed workers who said they need the assistance.”

“‘Our members are starving right now. There is a big hit on our industry and 90% of our members lost their jobs,’ said Antonio Marques, a UNITED HERE spokesperson and demonstration organizer.”

Laid-off workers set up soup kitchens in front of senators who oppose extending $600 checks


“Davis is just one of millions of laid-off or furloughed Americans who may be homeless this fall unless the federal eviction moratorium, a key provision of the CARES Act, is extended.”

“This week, he and other hospitality workers are staging food giveaways for fellow workers in need — right in front of the offices of key US senators who have opposed extending unemployment benefits.

“The events were planned and paid for by several labor unions in support of members of UNITE HERE, a hospitality workers union that represents about 300,000 airport, restaurant, hotel and casino employees in the United States and Canada. Organizers are targeting Republican senators including Kelly Loeffler, John Cornyn and Martha McSally who have opposed the so-called HEROES Act.”