October 18, 2020/Media, War Room

REALITY CHECK: John Cornyn’s Latest Desperate Move to Save his Political Career – Attempt to Run from the President & Lie About his Record

Austin, Texas — As he rapidly loses ground to combat veteran and working mom MJ Hegar, vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn has begun desperately scrambling to distance himself from his toxic record. 

The latest attempt came during Cornyn’s interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial board, where he used an offensive analogy to describe his relationship with President Trump and spread lie after lie about his record. 

Check out some of John Cornyn’s most eyebrow-raising comments and the truth behind them below:

Claim: “Cornyn initially described his relationship with Trump as ‘maybe like a lot of women who get married and think they’re going to change their spouse, and that doesn’t usually work out very well.’”

Reality Check:

John Cornyn has marched in lock-step with this administration, regardless of the abhorrent rhetoric or damaging policies. Only now that it’s October and he is facing an incredibly tough reelection has he decided to say different — and even then it is only in closed door meetings with editorial boards as an attempt to excuse his failures. 

Claim: “Cornyn also opposed taking money from the defense budget to build portions of a border wall, saying he is ‘very much a defense hawk’ who disagreed with the use of national security funds for that purpose.”

Reality Check:

  • This is a blatant lie. Cornyn voted TWICE to allow funds meant for Texas military projects to be diverted to construction of a border wall. 
    • At the time, Cornyn, according to the Texas Tribune, “expressed confidence that the money for the Texas projects would ultimately be restored,” claimed concerns over Texas military bases losing out on funding were “way too parochial” and said, “there won’t be any net loss in my opinion.”

  • It turns out Cornyn was dead wrong, and last month the Washington Post reported that “two projects worth $38.5 million in Texas… didn’t see their funds replaced” while other states saw their funding restored.

Claim: “Cornyn said he expressed concerns over budget deficits and debt with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, during discussions about COVID-19 stimulus aid.”

Reality Check:

  • Cornyn’s corporate donor liability shield has been one of the key sticking points holding up negotiations on a new coronavirus aid package to pass additional relief for struggling Texans. Now Texans know why they have been without COVID relief for months.

  • Cornyn voted to add nearly $2 trillion to the national debt when he supported the 2017 GOP tax law’s giveaways to his wealthy donors and corporate special interest allies.

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“Senator Cornyn is running scared, and he should be after 18 years of selling out the people of Texas for his Washington special interest friends and his DC political bosses. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost. While Senator Cornyn can try to lie, obfuscate, or rewrite history all he wants, Texans know his record of being too weak to speak out for what’s right and voting time and time again against their best interests.”