August 14, 2020/Media, War Room

Texans Have Been Without Unemployment Relief For 20 Days After Cornyn Failed to Renew the Program

Rather than working to renew this vital program, Cornyn’s priority has been shielding his corporate donors from lawsuits

Austin, TX — Out-of-work Texans have been struggling to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families after Sen. John Cornyn allowed vital federal assistance to run out 20 days ago. For nearly three weeks now, millions of hardworking Texans have been without the “lifeline” they relied on after losing their jobs during the coronavirus crisis.

It’s no surprise that Cornyn allowed these benefits to expire. For months Cornyn called expanded jobless aid a “mistake” and vowed that it would not be extended. Rather than focus on delivering desperately needed relief to struggling Texans, Cornyn has been focused on passing a corporate liability shield that would allow his corporate PAC donors to force Texans into unsafe working conditions. Cornyn’s demands on unemployment insurance and liability have been two of the biggest obstacles to passing a relief deal. Yesterday, Cornyn and the rest of the Senate adjourned until September 8th, failing to get the job done for Texans.

Even amidst a pandemic, Cornyn’s priorities remain helping DC special interests and his ultra-rich corporate donors at the expense of hardworking Texans.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala issued the following statement:

“For 20 days, unemployed Texans have been left out to dry by John Cornyn’s failures of leadership. This vital federal assistance gave hardworking Texans some semblance of reassurance that they would be able to feed their families during this pandemic. Yet to Cornyn, this extended relief was a ‘mistake’ and deserved to take a back seat to DC special interest priorities. Now more than ever, hardworking Texans need an advocate and ally like MJ Hegar working for them in the Senate.”